Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cheap Party Food Ideas

{This post is prior to my gluten-free days. Please use caution when following this recipe if you must eat gluten-free. Always check individual ingredients to ensure they're gluten-free before consuming.}

This is my sister Lauren. She has quarters. 

No actually, mom and Aunt Martha gave her these quarters because Lauren said she didn't have any quarters. 

Let's start over. 

Lauren wants to have a party. She needs food ideas but she said she could only use the food she has in her pantry, which is canned vegetables and spaghetti noodles. Oh, and peanut butter. 

I told her I would never come to her party. 

So then we started talking about how cheap ALDI is and that she can afford to get some food to serve for pretty cheap. 

Then Lauren said she didn't understand how shopping at ALDI works. I told her she needed quarters to get a shopping cart. Hence the above picture. 

Lauren told me to just write down what I was suggesting for her to buy and serve. So here's my list of things to serve for the party. {This post is not sponsored by ALDI. All prices are just quotes from memory. Check local stores for actual prices.}

{1} Cream cheese topped with salsa
Cream cheese is $0.89. Of course I've never bought salsa at ALDI due to my allergies so I'm not sure on the price. Put room temperature cream cheese on a pretty plate. Dump room temperature salsa on top. Serve with tortilla chips

{2} Cheese and Crackers
Either buy the blocks of cheese, maybe sharp cheddar and pepper jack, or the cheese cubes. Buy 2 boxes of different types of crackers. If you have a tiered platter, arrange on there in a pretty fashion on multiple tiers. If you only have a flat plate, arrange crackers and cheese in an alternating circular fashion. 

{3} Fruit Tray 
Fruit is SO CHEAP at ALDI. One time I bought bananas for $0.29. Um yes, you read that right. Ok so for the fruit tray, bananas won't work. So buy some grapes (wash and de-stem), some red and green apples (wash, chop, and toss with lemon juice so they don't brown),and some oranges or cute little clementines (cut into slices). Arrange it ever so prettily on a tray or plate. 

{4} Chocolate candy
Open package of chocolate candy (maybe some Christmas candy that might be on sale) and pour in a bowl. Yes, it's that easy. 

{5} Cake Mix Cookies
Buy the cake mix, eggs, oil, and any chips at ALDI. It is still cheaper than purchasing them at another grocery store. Refer to the post from a few weeks ago for cooking instructions/recipe! 

{6} Cokes, water, tea
Buy at ALDI. Serve. 

Most importantly, get people to bring food to the party! Don't try to tackle everything yourself. You'll be tired and broke. No joke. {Ha! I rhymed!} 

These ideas are super simple. Try them and let me know what you think! 

Much Love,


  1. I had never even heard of ALDI until now! our closest one is in Bessemer but i am deff going to go and check it out now!

    1. I shop at ALDI at least once a week! It has made a major dent in our grocery budget :) You should definitely check it out!