Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holly Jolly Blog Tag

{I made this wreath! First time ever!}

So my friend Robin over at Thoughts of Beauty in Her Head tagged me in her blog tag post, which is part of her Blogmas series. Since it's Christmas and I'm feeling festive, I thought I would take part!

#1: Do you have an embarrassing Christmas photo?

I really don't think I do. I know that that is not a fun answer, but I was a pretty cute kid.

#2: Have you ever had a white Christmas?

That would be a no. The one time it actually snowed at Christmas in Alabama, we were in Texas with family. That was a sad Christmas. We were SO UPSET that we were missing it.

This picture was from a March snow though.... Pretty epic. That's my sister that I'm shoving snow at.

#3: Where do you spend Christmas Day?

Well, previously, my family has spent Christmas in many different places. I've spent Christmas in hotels on the way to Texas, at my grandparent's house in Louisiana, at my aunt and uncle's in Texas, and very rarely, at our own house. Currently, since Kyle and I have been together, we spend Christmas with Kyle's family.

#4: Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve? 

Yes! Typically, my mom picks out one gift for my sister and I to open on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we have opened all our presents before Christmas Eve (like on the 22nd) because we will be in Texas on Christmas Day and my parents don't want to transport ALL of our gifts cross-country. But now, since this is the first Christmas Kyle and I have been married, I'm not sure what we are gonna do.

#5: Can you name all the reindeer?

Well I'm not a huge reindeer/Santa fan, but I think I can name them all...


#6: What do you look forward to most for Christmas?
Ummmm, let me think. I guess this year, I'm really just looking forward to it being our first Christmas together. My favorite part of Christmas though is going to Texas. We used to shoot fireworks and have a huge bonfire at my grandmother's house in LA. That was an ABSOLUTE favorite part of Christmas in year's past.

#7: Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
Due to allergies that involve all things in the environment, the answer to this would be fake. We tried a real tree once, but that was WAY too much work.

#8: Do you enjoy giving or receiving more?

Honestly, I enjoy both equally. Receiving gifts is my love language (Thank you Dr. Chapman),  but I love planning my gift-giving and then seeing the person's face when they open the gift.

#9: Where would you love to visit for the holidays? 

I would love to go on a Tennessee road trip for Christmas. Visit Nashville to see the Rockettes and Opryland. Then travel on the Gatlinburg to stay in a cabin and have a white Christmas. Maybe one day...

#10: Are you good at gift wrapping?

Well, I used to think I was ok, possibly even good at it, until I started working at LifeWay... To all the customers that asked me to wrap your purchases, I'm so sorry. However, I did learn how to wrap BETTER while working at LifeWay. So to answer the question... maybe?

#11: What's your favorite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory involves what I mentioned above: bonfire and fireworks. We would always go together as a huge family to go buy the fireworks. {We promise that they should have named the building after us in Vinton, LA. We probably funded the whole thing.} Usually, one HUGE box of the BIG, super loud fireworks would be purchased and everyone would chip in. Then we would all head to the store to buy the stuff to make wassail, chips and dip, guacamole, bean dip (hello Texas!), no-bake cookies... Then we would head home to start the bonfire that had been soaking for a few days. Well one Christmas we had apparently bought 2 different boxes of BIG fireworks. So dad and uncle Gary go up to light 2 BIG ones at the same time. Well... apparently somebody put the wrong BIG firework in the wrong tube and I don't know if you understand firework logic or not, but for it to shoot up to the sky, it's got to get enough umph underneath it inside the tube. So when we lit this firework, everybody is staring up at the sky waiting for the majesty of it to unfold, the firework shoots up in the air about 2 feet above the tube (which is basically like 5 feet off the ground TOTAL) and explodes... all 3 stages of it. People start ducking, flipping over chairs, running for cover. Mommies start shielding babies. O, it is the best memory ever. We also learned over the years to always make sure fireworks were COMPLETELY done before throwing them in the fire.... Ha! My family. I sure do love 'em.

Ok so those are my answers. I would tag someone else to do this, but I honestly don't know many other bloggers because I'm so new to the blogging-world! I hope you enjoyed this non-food post. Don't worry, I'll be back with some more delicious recipes on Sunday!

Much Love,

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