Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Appetizers and Desserts

{This post is prior to my gluten-free days. Please use caution when following this recipe if you must eat gluten-free. Always check individual ingredients to ensure they're gluten-free before consuming.}

I'm so excited that it's the week of Thanksgiving!! I love visiting with family, eating delicious food, and getting into the spirit of Christmas. This post is gonna contain a few of my favorite recipes that I make almost every year at Thanksgiving or around the holiday season. {I actually don't like the word 'holiday' in reference to Christmas, but I just used it in the context of the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. It encompassed all 3, which makes it an acceptable usage.}

But first! I must introduce you to the newest member of our family..... Ethel.  

She's so pretty! 

I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for forever, so Kyle and I gave it to each other for Christmas this year. We've been watching for a killer deal and finally found one. I get to use it and Kyle gets to eat the delicious creations that Ethel makes. It's a win-win.

OK, so the first appetizer is a personal favorite. Celery with Cream Cheese and Pecans. 
Everything always takes longer to cook on Thanksgiving than you expected that it would. Don't forget to feed your guests beforehand! This is so super easy to whip up. You put the cream cheese and finely chopped pecans in a food processor, mix it all together, stuff it in the washed and dried celery pieces, and voila! Super easy and tasty! 
Get the celery recipe HERE!

The next one is an appetizer and a dessert..... And I don't have a picture because every time I have made it this year, I FORGET to take a picture. Epic fail. 

Apple Toffee Dip. I mean, the name kinda tells you everything you need to know. It's got toffee pieces, cream cheese, caramel, brown sugar, and apples to dip it with. Honestly, the ingredients make up for not having a pic. It's super delicious. 
Get the Apple Toffee Dip recipe HERE

I was actually introduced to Grape Salad through Kyle. In his bachelor days, he would make this to take to every single party. And it is so good that no one cared! Most people think that this is grapes covered in mayo. Firstly, ew. Who would eat that? Secondly, that delicious white stuff is cream cheese, sugar, and greek yogurt all blended together. Top it with a little decorative brown sugar and walnuts (or pecans) and you're done. I actually took this to a bonfire last night (it was freezing cold!) and in the rush of getting to the farm, I totally forgot to take a final pretty picture. Sooo use your imagination! I'm forgetful sometimes. 
Get the Grape Salad recipe HERE!

Lastly, Glazed Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Muffins! These are addictively good. I took these to Bible study a couple of weeks ago and everybody there liked them too. I found the original recipe here. This is the only recipe on this post that doesn't include cream cheese..... but it does have pumpkin spice coffee creamer in it and on it. I spurge a little at holidays {again, in the general context} on my fat content. But remember, it's about moderation, not going crazy. Make sure you still eat some veggies on Thanksgiving Day! 
Get the Mini Muffin recipe HERE!

I am looking forward to this coming Thursday! I hope you will join me in taking time to be thankful for what God has given us. Food. Water. Family. Shelter. Provisions. He is such a generous God. I praise Him and thank Him for everything we have. Don't get in such a rush that you forget what's important! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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