Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Blog Name and Other New Stuff

Welcome to my new and improved blog!

It needed a change. A facelift. A new identity.
And I wanted to be able to blog about my crafts that I do.

So I had to change the name. Food from my Thoughts was accurate, most everything I make comes from my creativity. But since crafts aren't food unless you're two, that would not have been a very accurate name.

Therefore, The Krafty Kitchen was born. 

In the Krafty Kitchen, I will bring new healthy recipes and fun, easy crafts that I have created or found to you through my blog.

It brings my favorite things together: eating, crafting, and writing. It's gonna be fun!

But let's be honest, just because I've changed a few things around, doesn't mean I can promise that I will blog more.

I will be happy if I blog twice a month, which to some people is NOTHING. However, I will do my best to post either a recipe or craft at least twice a month.

If I have extra time, I might even get to three posts in a month. But let's not get crazy. 

So hope you like the new look. Let me know if I can make it easier to read or operate. I'm open to suggestions!

Looking forward to bringing you new posts!

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